As you can see, the primary theme of our retail store and FUBAR website is an aircraft/military one.

We have a passion and understanding for those brave souls who made the ultimate sacrifice, so that we as a people of the world have the freedom to live how we want, to ride what we want, and to speak our minds truthfully.

The fixed gear revolution and the lifestyle that goes along with it reflects the freedom we have to express ourselves and our unique personalities that shows our taste in color and self expression with bicycles.

For this reason we give thanks to those, in past and present, who fought so that we can have these freedoms to communicate across this planet on those basic but fun things like expressing our views and personalities with the tool of a bicycle.

How we chose to ride , whether it be for commuting, good health, exercise, or socializing with others (instead of sitting in traffic alone, going crazy) will lead to more public awareness about the benefits of riding a bicycle and freedom of mind it helps to promote.

The bicycle is a great social tool for breaking down the barriers between people and countries .

Believe it or not the pilot survived after bailing out to fight for freedom another day!